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About the Club


About the Club

The AIC (Aikido International Club) is a club whose members are comprised of both individual Aikido dojos and also, Aikido organizations around the world, who understand that the martial path of Aikido, created by Founder Morihei Ueshiba, is a way to make the world a large family, living in peace and harmony. In this sense, the Club endorses Aikido training centers at the national and even international levels towards the consolidation of good relationships and cooperation between each other. The Club then is to be a point of encounter and relationship for aikidoists in the formation of friendships and fellowship. The strength of AIC is on principle, that of friendship and goodwill among its members.

The Mission of the Club is to identify, support, and motivate the initiatives that contribute to the development of Aikido at the international level, following the norms and goals of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan and the Doshu of Aikido. We also wish to consider the needs, capabilities and characteristics of the various centers and we desire to encourage creativity, synergy and continuity based on friendship between the various leaders. It is this friendship that will consolidate good relations, encourage cooperation and will be the contribution that will ultimately make peace between the nations.

People who practice Aikido come from many different paths but still have in common the idea of ??training in a way to seek harmony and peace, friendship and brotherhood, without losing the spirit of Budo. It is therefore natural that this great family, even though dispersed and extensive, have desires to form an institution such as the AIC in order to promote it for the integration and development of friendship and the overall dissemination of Aikido, taking into account the common heritage and identity that this community has across five continents. It is also a major concern for the future, of the great masters of Aikido, and also of the Doshu, that we not lose the essence of the path established by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba. Although Aikido has adapted itself to different cultures, it should maintain a standard of international, theoretical and technical support. The AIC strives to create these conditions and to facilitate the meeting between aikidoists, both beginners and advanced, in a spirit of friendship and in an environment to exchange experiences and information, without any subordination or other interest that is not love by enabling collaboration, sharing and exchange among its members thus facilitating interaction and the resulting synergies for their mutual benefit.

For this purpose, the AIC organizes meetings, seminars, the production of books, films, relevant materials, courses, etc., and will act at an international meeting point to exchange ideas, develop and maintain friendships in the spirit of Aiki, holding large annual events each year in different countries, similar to the format of the Olympic Games. In these events, the Club will serve to demonstrate the local expressions of progress and help them to display their art to the larger gathered community.

The AIC has an administrative structure consisting of an Executive Council composed of one representative elected biannually (by the members in each country) with a term of two years. The headquarters of the AIC is mobile, also changing every two years and is established at the address wherever its President resides.

Annual meeting:
The AIC meets every year in a different country where a seminar of Aikido will be held and meet with complementary activities. On this occasion there will always be at least one meeting of the leaders, the international seminar, a fellowship meal, a public demonstration of Aikido and visitor tours scheduled.

Benefits of Affiliate:
Any dojo or organization affiliated with the AIC may invite masters of the technical committee of the AIC to come to their dojo, to request technical support, promotions and grading exams for students recognized by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.