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1-) First register yourself to receive regular newsletter(boletim) going to the former page in the menu.

2 -) Insert your login here   and add your dojo searching in the option box . then click in "ok".

3-) If your dojo is not in the option Box, then ask your sensei (Dojo Cho), to register his dojo in the AIC and become affiliated only after that you can become afiliated.

If you are a sensei (dojo Cho), then click here and after in OK. In the next page that will open fill the form, once your registration as (dojo Cho) is special and must be approved by the regional director of you country.

If you were aproved as a dojo cho by your regional director  and on the next page enter your login and password to go on.

If you are not yet aproved as a dojo cho, to register a dojo you must first register yourself as a dojo cho: go to the menu in the link : "Members :Register a dojo in the club by your regional director"

If you already registered to receive newsletter
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